Sunday, 19 November 2017

Happy Birthday Hairology! / Free Hair Post!

 Hairology is celebrating their second birthday & you know what that means.
Presents!!!! Hurray! 
While you are over there shopping make sure to click on the birthday cakes in the designer's booths for a free gift!


Worn in photos
Hairs left to right -
Also worn -

Friday, 17 November 2017

Bits & Bobs

Today I am showing off loads of wicked items from the 4Mesh Event. If you haven't visited this one, it's really great. 
It is in 4 sections, Fantasy RP / Bento / Fit mesh + Mesh body bits & bobs ( No that is not the official term :)
This round lasts until December 1st ( I think!) So don't forget to visit!
Also in this photo I am showing off this really cool gacha skin & Appliers made by LURE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
I love every item in this Gacha, super cool!
All info, teleports & more info below the photos!
Have a super weekend everyone!
🌺 Ember 🌺


In the Raw
  • Hair - Tableau Vivant | Whispers in the wind roots - B+W | @ Collabor88 Nov 8 - Dec 6th.
  • Head - Catwa | Lona, Bento Mesh Head.
  • Skin Applier - LURE | #2 Queen skin RARE | Includes body  appliers for - Maitreya / Slink / Belleza / Omega | Head Appliers for - Catwa / Omega@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival Nov 7 - Dec 6th.
  • Lip Stick - LURE | #11Queen makeup (red) | With appliers for Catwa / Omega | @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival Nov 7 - Dec 6th.
  • Body - Maitreya | Mesh Body, Lara.
  • Body Tattoo - LURE #6  Upgrade tattoo | Includes body  appliers for - Maitreya / Slink / Belleza / Omega | @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival Nov 7 - Dec 6th.
  • Nails - ::SlackGirl:: | Catarina Nails | Available for  - Eve / Vista / Maitreya / Slink Bento hands | @ 4Mesh Nov 12 - Dec 1st.
  • Rings - Slipper | Laura Bento Rings  | Available for Maitreya / Slink bento hands. | @ 4Mesh Nov 12 - Dec 1st.
  • Dress - Entice | Tiny Dancer | Available for - Freya / Hourglass / Maitreya | @ 4Mesh Nov 12 - Dec 1st.
  • Pose 1 - GingerFish Poses | Doll Face | @ 4Mesh Nov 12 - Dec 1st.
  • Pose 2 - BellePoses | Mi | @ 4Mesh Nov 12 - Dec 1st.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Just a tiny bite?

Hey there!
Back today with lots more Enchantment.
I know I have shown you this apple before but, but, I Really love it. So here it is again :P
So I know Snow White does not offer it to anyone but well, I just march to a different drummer ♥

Smoke & Mirrrors
Just a tiny bite

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Take a bite!

Enchantment Has Opened!

I am way behind in telling you this dear reader and I apologize!
 I had unexpected company for a week & it was difficult for me to log in. 
But if you've been checking this blog you'll know how much I LOVE this Themed event! 
This round is Snow White and man there are so many cool ideas on this theme from the creators!
I chose to try to make my πŸ†• [GA.EG] Bento, mesh head look like Evie from the Descendants.
  Thanks to Dirty Princess who made an outfit fitting for her! 

I am not sure that I do look like her but never mind that, have this nice apple. 
It will make everything OK!

Bon Appètit!
🌺 Ember 🌺

Take a bite
πŸ‘€I know this photo is totally dark so I am adding some unedited photos below just so you can see clearly. πŸ‘€

:All Credits:
  • Crown - The Half Moon Market | Queen's Diadem | @ Enchantment Nov 11 - 30th.
  • Braid - CATWA HAIR |  Forehead Braid.
  • Head - [GA.EG] | Jennifer, Bento Mesh Head.
  • Eyes - [GA.EG] | Ultimate Eyes.
  • Skin Applier - LURE: | Emily, Lilly tone | With Appliers for - Loud Mouth / Catwa / Akeruka / \[GA.EG]  / LeLutka / LOGO (Omega applier needed for the last 3.) | Body appliers for - Maitreya / Slink / Belleza & Omega.+ System skins.
  • Body - Maitreya | Mesh Body, Lara.
  • Top - **Dirty Princess** | The Descendant Princess Top | Available for Maitreya | @ Enchantment Nov 11 - 30th.
  • Apple - striped mocha | gold sprinkled apple - cherry | @ Enchantment Nov 11 - 30th.
  • Nail Applier - Enfer Sombre | Snow nails | Available for Maitreya / Slink & Omega | @ Enchantment Nov 11 - 30th.
  • Pose - *{( konpeitou )}* | devil | Was part of the OUAN Hunt.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Only 3 days left to pre order your Catwa Powder Pack for November!

Powder Pack for Catwa NOVEMBER Edition reservations are NOW OPEN!  
You can reserve in-world or on the marketplace between the 1st and the 16th midnight SLT
Your Pack will automatically be delivered to you immediately on NOVEMBER 17TH early SLT time. 

πŸ‘‰Powder Pack is featuring the following brands this monthπŸ‘ˆ

Friday, 10 November 2017

Keep Swimming


I am in a super odd mood today. 
I have been wandering my house aimlessly ( In RL) unable to settle on much of anything. 
Luckily for me, one of the photo's I took yesterday between crashes turned out well enough for me to edit.
I know, another head shot & I was trying to make a full body shot for you to see how the tattoo sat and where.

Didn't stop me!  I just took a screen shot of my dead SL screen and edited that!
I feel that you do not have to have the best-est resolution/ graphics to get an interesting shot.  At least that's my thoughts. 
How bout you?

 4Mesh opens on the 12th with Amazing items!
 You really need to check it out!
Hairology is now open & it's their anniversary round! 
I got in earlier and 99% of booths have free gifts!
Happy Second Anniversary Hairology πŸ’‹

Happy Shopping!

Keep Swimming

 ::All Credits::

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

πŸ’™ Convoluted heart πŸ’™

Short & Sweet. Just like me! 
Hey friends. Today I am so cold.
 It's - 3 degrees Celsius with the wind chill out here in Canada.
 I have yet to cave and turn on my heat.
 Heat = $$$ Boo.
 I tried to capture how I feel in this photo.
Hope you enjoy my convoluted heart.

Convoluted heart πŸ’™

:All visible items:

  • Hair - Besom | Cozy Hearts | @ Uber Oct 25 - Nov 12th.
  • Head - Catwa | Kathy, Bento Mesh Head.
  • Skin Applier - [ MUDSKIN ] | Aoki Bare Skin HUD ( Rare ) | @ Kustom9 Oct 15 - Nov 10th.
  • Body - Maitreya | Mesh Body, Lara.
  • Top - erratic | laura - sweater / black | Available for Maitreya.
  • Pose - Glamrus | My Ghost, You Haunt Me.  

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Holding On.

Morning Dolls!

So I got up super early this morning thinking it was already almost 8 am. 
 The clocks went back last night.
 It was 7.  So this is how my weekend is rolling.
 How you doing?

I could write all day but I haven't the time.
 Ha ha, see what I did there?

 One note on today's post.
  • Foxcity - was free join over the weekend. I went a bit mental shopping there. The past VIP Gifts are still available to members for 1L each. The newest one ( The background I used here is free.) Group join is now 300L but if you are as much of a pose lover as I am it is totally worth it. Foxcity has AMAZING bento poses of all sorts. Not your average store  so I suggest you check them out. They will make this year's list of my favorite things :)

πŸ‘€Please check below today's photos for all the info and landmarks!πŸ‘€
Extreme wind lights have been used. Please Demo!


Holding on.

I think I forgot what I was supposed to remember.

:Head to Toe Credits:

  • Hair/Hat - pr!tty | Frost | @ The Coven Nov 3 - 29th.
  • Head - Catwa | Kathy, Bento Mesh Head.
  • Skin Applier - [ MUDSKIN ] | KAI # Call Me Baby_(106) | @ SaNaRae Oct 26 - Nov 18th.
  • Eye Applier - LOTUS. | Orchid Eyes 03| For Catwa & Omega | @ The Gacha Garden Nov 1 - 30th.
  • Body - Maitreya | Mesh Body, Lara.
  • Dress - [Sexy Princess] | Shayla Dress.
  • Backdrop - FOXCITY. | VIP Framed Booth w Light | VIP October 1L Group Gift 300L join fee.
  • Pose 1 - FOXCITY. | Recollection | VIP October 1L Group Gift 300L join fee.
  • Pose 2 - FOXCITY. | Oki Doki-7 | Only available in the Fatpack.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Almost ready - 5 more minutes!

TGIF Dolls!
I am too sleepy to write much here today but here goes.
Showing off some Powder Pack items for LeLutka November round.
Of course I edited the photo so if you want a clear view of the items inside please view it all here -

P.s. Don't forget it's FLF day! Check out what's what here -

As always, All links to the items are in the credits below the photo. 
Hope you enjoy!
🌺 Ember 🌺

Almost ready

πŸ‘‰Credits πŸ‘ˆ

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Oh Deer 🌼

I missed you guys on Halloween. πŸ‘»
Hope you all got lots of candy or at least had some fun.
I trekked all over three neighborhoods to score a full pillow case of candy for my youngest. She allowed me 2 lollipops.
πŸŽƒ Thanks kid. πŸŽƒ

 I only did a few small edits to this one.
 I had to fix a line on my neck and rebuild the tip of my ear as I managed to get it a bit stuck in my hair. 
The rest is just playing with sky settings!

 As always, all links and info provided in the credits below my photo.
🌺 Ember 🌺

Oh deer

 πŸ‘‰:Head to Toe Credits:πŸ‘ˆ