Friday, 26 August 2016

FLF & FREE Hair!

( Copied over from Hair SL )
In the spotlight today is barberyumyum.

I checked out Seraphim website this morning to see the gallery for today’s Fifty Linden Friday deals and saw this pretty ponytail on offer for 50L per color pack.
Had. to. have. it.  So I grabbed it and then decided  ” Humm, I love bangs, wish it had bangs.”.  Well my wish was granted when I looked up above the hair and saw a good selection of separate bangs for sale & 130L a piece.  I grabbed up my favorite set and tried it with my new ponytail and what do you know;  Perfection!

Also while I was standing there I noticed a Group Gift.  This cute little bob comes in three colors and has a couple of bobby pins holding the right side back.Such cuteness!  I checked the group joiner beside that sign and found the group is FREE to join!

So tell your friends, maybe help a New Resident. Cute & Free!  Can’t go wrong here
Ember Adored.


The beat of it's heart

Hey Dolls,

I haven't been around SL lately. I have been busy enjoying my RL holidays , catching up on AHS with all it's creepy goodness.
I think watching that show influenced my photo today.

This is what I see here; Girl is stuck in a maelstrom of emotions, she can't be who she wishes as she's lived with this other face too long, it has become a part of her, taking on a heartbeat of it's own.

OK call me weird but, Ha not going to deny it :P

The beat of it's heart.

Check out this Mask by E.V.E over @ Enchantment till the 31st of August.

Peace out.

  • Hair - Tableau Vivant |  Editorial \ Western wind | By M4ri1yn Magic.
  • Mask - E.V.E | Dream Mask {Red Blood}| By Noke Yuitza | @ Enchantment Aug 13 - 31st.
  • Skin - .::WoW Skins::. | V2 Fatma Golden | By .::WoW Skins::. (sawsan.secretspy).
  • Mesh Body - Maitreya | Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.
  • Dress - Gabriel | Wet Dress | By Takuya Jinn.
  • Pose - . Infiniti . | - Happy- | By Brandi Monroe.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Cause Diamonds

Hey Dolls!

Have you been to Genre yet?
This round's theme is Burlesque!  

Cause Diamonds

So many sexy wonderful designs & all at the 100L price point! This event runs until September 10th so you still have time to saunter over and take a peek at whats there.

Hope you enjoy,


  • Hair - Sintiklia | Camelia | By sintikliasims | @ Hairology Aug 10 - 30th.
  • Flowers - NAMINOKE | Chocolate Cosmos | By taiko McCaw | @ Whimsical Aug 18 - Sept 8th.
  • Mesh Head - Catwa | Destiny | By Catwa Clip.
  • Skin Applier - Lumae | Eirtae - T5 - Dolce - Showgirl | By Lumiya Rae | @ Genre Aug 16 - Sept 10th.
  • Mesh Body - Maitreya | Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.
  • Outfit - !deviousMinds | Lola | Diamond, Pearl | By Chandra Meehan | @ Genre Aug 16 - Sept 10th.
  • Rings - Kibitz | Milan ring set | By Kathya Szczepanski | @ Kustom9 Aug 15 - Sept 10th.
  • Fans / W Pose - {NANTRA} | Teese Me | By Nancoix Urquan | @ Genre Aug 16 - Sept 10th.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Even Good Girls

 Hey Dolls!

Showing off some sexiness from Sakide today. 
You can find this over @ The Fetish Fair until Sept 2.
Also I am showing off a new to me hair designer Mello. You can find this lovely soft wavy style over @ This round of Hairology.

even good girls ..
Happy Monday.


  • Hair - [Mello] | Early Sunsets, Pales | By cyanideslushy | @ Hairology Aug 10 - 30th.
  • Mesh Head - Catwa | Destiny | By Catwa Clip.
  • Mesh Head Applier - [MudSkin] | Nina #S2 | By Sopha Portal.
  • Mesh Body - Maitreya | Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.
  • Body Applier - [MudSkin] | Maitreya Applier #S2 | By Sopha Portal.
  • Collar - Violent Seduction | Aureus Collar | By Iki (iki.akiri) | @ The Chapter 4 August 4 - 24th.
  • Rings - Kibitz | Milan ring set | By Kathya Szczepanski | @ Kustom9 Aug 15 - Sept 10th.
  • Outfit - [ SAKIDE ] | Impulse Harness Tank & Shorts | By кιиυ (kinu.mayako) | @ The Fetish Fair Aug 19 - Sept 2nd.
  • Pose - oOo Studio | Footsie | By Olaenka Chesnokov.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Mesh Body Addicts Fair Ends Today!

Hey Dolls! 

Just a friendly reminder that The Mesh Body Addicts Fair ends today! 
 I heard it ends @ Midnight tonight so if you somehow forgot, get over before it closes!


Went wandering around a bit last night, *Gasp* I left my sky box!

I  Ended up  going back to Collabor88 and fat packed this Tres Blah tank top. I just love it too much for only owning one color. I hummed and hawed over the skirt but in the end I just couldn't afford the luxury but man it is so shiny sparkly, go see!

Next up was Kustom9 where I picked up some Kibtiz rings as  I love the look of multiple rings on one hand.

 I finally remembered to checkout The Chapter 4 and fell in love with this collar from Violent Seduction
It comes in scripted and non scripted versions to satisfy all walks of life

Hope you enjoy,
Ember ♥

I forget what I was supposed to remember


  • Hair - MINA Hair | Therese | By Mina Nakamura | @ Whimsical Aug 18 - Sept 8th.
  • Mesh Head - Catwa | Destiny | By Catwa Clip | @ Mesh Body Addicts Fair Ends Tonight Aug 21st @ Midnight SLT HURRY!
  • Head Applier - [ MUDSKIN ] | Nina#S2 | By Sopha Portal.
  • Mesh Body - Maitreya | Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.
  • Body Applier - [MudSkin] | Maitreya Applier #S2 | By Sopha Portal.


  • Top - -tres blah- | Bella Tank Top, Black | By Julliette Westerburg | @ Collabor88 Aug 8 - Sept 6th.
  • Shorts - Maitreya | High Waisted Shorts, Rolled | By Onyx LeShelle | @ Mesh Body Addicts Fair Ends Tonight Aug 21st @ Midnight SLT HURRY!
  • Shoes - | Harper.Clogs, Coal | By Darling Monday.


Saturday, 20 August 2016

Do I Have A Fetish?



1. An object regarded with awe as being the embodiment or habitation of a potent spirit or as having magical potency.
2. Any object, idea, etc., eliciting unquestioning reverence, respect, or devotion: To make a fetish of high grades.
3. Psychology. any object or non genital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation.

Fetishes-   I had originally thought meant just one thing; To have an intense sexual reaction to a non sexual object.
Now though after doing a bit of research on the matter I can safely say that with my love of hair; 
"I have a hair fetish" (Going by the #2 definition of course :p )

Now that  we have had that random lesson on the term. The Fetish Fair has opened! 
What you will find here is a lot of sexy things to clothe your avatar. Leather, Latex, Rubber. The list goes on and on.
Check out this awesome preview gallery that Seraphim has put up for us all. -
 If you haven't already, (Gives you the hairy eyeball.) Bookmark this site! It is a super valuable tool for those of us with 'The shopping Fetish'
Today I am showing two designs for the fair. One is this bra made by Wicca Merlin of  Wicca's Wardrobe.  It has these zippered openings that leave oh so little to ones imagination.  
The other is this sexy rich rubber polish made by Zozicon. Polish is an accessory I can not do without and ZOZ makes the very best for Slink, Maitreya & her very own mesh nails.

Do I have a Fetish?

My glossy black hair is the materials version of Vanity Hair's Hairology offering this round. it has a neat side part with a braid, you really should head over and try on some demos.

I've rambled far to much but if you've read through congrats! Message me in world and I will pass you a prize! 
( Ember Adored ) 
Yes I am serious




Friday, 19 August 2016

The Morning After

Hey Dolls!

You all see Suicide Squad yet? 
MudSkin came out with some pretty Harley appliers for the Catwa Mesh Head and well, me being me I decided to go a different route with the photo.
This is Harley the morning after.

The morning after

Hope you enjoy,


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

In Darkness

Morning Dolls.

Had some fun with yet another head shot :D
I am really digging on this mesh head. I just can't figure out how to get one eye to wink while my tongue  is poking out. Ah well, eventually I will figure it (maybe)

Lots of events in today's post.

In Darkness



Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Little Girl Lost

Hey Dolls!

I have my own doll here today showing off some more goodies from Enchantment.


Hope you enjoy,


Sunday, 14 August 2016

We're Off To See The Wizard! Enchantment Is Open!

Morning Dolls!

I totally meant to tell you this yesterday but with my RL vacation I just didn't have any computer time.
 What was I going to tell you again? 

Oh right, Enchantment is open!! 
Enchantment is a Themed event that opens once every three months. The Theme this round is Wizard Of Oz!!!


This is also Enchantments Anniversary round so there are a lot of Free Gifts to be had. Just look for the cakes at the booths.
 Don't forget to drop your draw distance and all that lag saving stuff, there are plenty of flowers around the sim and it can be difficult for those with older graphics cards. 

Check out my Tips n Tricks on how to lower lag here -



****Please Note ****

Some of these items are located at Events right now.    If you see a second Hyperlinked name in the credit line.

  ( BOLD LETTERING Different colour) like this..

  • Thingy - | Store Name | Name of Thingy | Designer's Name | NAME OF EVENT 

Take The Second TP!!!! ( Hyperlink)