Friday, 17 February 2017

Designer Spotlight - Wasabi Pills

Spotlight time!

Today's Designer is Wasabi Pills owned by MissAllSunday Lemon & Rouge Darcy. 

 I have shopped this store for years, always finding great new styles.  I just love the shape of their bangs and how the hair frames my face.

Wasabi Pills join in many events around the grid & today I am showing off some of these styles.
 So remember if you LOVE one of these hairs and NEED one of these hairs, take the Slurl limo provided under each photo.

Wasabi Pills also frequently takes part in the Fifty Linden Friday fun, setting out a style in a special colour pack @ 50L! 

Psst, you can find a 50L style Olivia just outside the Main store today! 

 Hope you enjoy their styles as much as I do!  LIMO -

This adorable style is named Sheryl. She can be found @ The 90's Rewind Event that runs until Feb 28th.
 (Why does this have to be such a short month??? So much shopping, so little time!!!)
Opal is a longer style that cascades down the back. ( I tried taking a photo of that but really, I am better with the front shots. Demo's are available but the back is beautiful I swear. ) You can find Opal over @ The Crossroads. This event runs until Feb 28th. 
  The style Tara can be found @ FaMESHed
This event runs to Feb 28th.  

 This is London.  
I love the soft waves & the bang. 
This style is available @ Wasabi Pills main store

 The style Happy, pictured above can be found 
@ The Chapter Four until Feb 28th. Limo -  This is a gacha that comes in 2 styles. You have a chance of one or the other with each play.

Everything else I am wearing.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Final Day to Pre Order your Powder Pack.

 Today is the final day to grab your Powder Pack for February at the discounted price!!!!
Right now if you head over to the Powder Pack sim, you can still pre order this months pack for 1,500L.
 Once it's released ( On the 17th ) the price will go up to 3,000L So don't forget!
Trust me, it's totally worth it!

I LOVED the last box so much Check out their website and make sure you look at last months photos. I think you'll love it too!

Powder Pack LM -

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Only a girl.

 It's time for Enchantment once again.
This is one of my most favourite events on the grid as it focuses on a unique theme.
Each round is based off a different fairy tail and this round is CINDERELLA!
 So today's photos incorporate quite a few items to be found at Enchantment.
My styling & photos were focused around a girl dreaming of the future.

As always, all links and info can be found below in the credits.


I'm only a girl, not a princess.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Take Flight

Happy Weekend!
May yours take flight.
Ember ♥ 

Soft Landing


Tuesday, 7 February 2017

It's time to pre order your Powder Pack!

I enjoyed the first round of Powder Pack so much that I need to share this info from Powder Pack with you. 
It's such a joy to open a mystery box where I like EVERYTHING in it!
 Hope you enjoy it as well!
Ember ♥ 

Time To Pre Order Powder Pack!

The Powder Pack February Edition is now available for reservation ONLINE and IN-WORLD!

Enjoy exclusive handcrafted appliers created by 12 of the best Catwa Mesh Head applier makers in Second Life, including:

#ADORED, #AmaraBeauty, #Bold&Beauty , Elysium | Skins & Apparel, Essences SL, Just Magnetized, Modish.SL Skins & Fashion Boutique, #okkbye , Pink Fuel, SlackGirl :: SecondLife, #Zibska

• Reserve now and save $L1,500.

• Reserve in-world at:


• Reserve online at:

Make sure to LIKE this Powder Pack Facebook Page as we will be having surprises up until the release day on the 17th of February.

• FaceBook Page:

Make sure to JOIN the FREE IN-WORLD Powder Pack group for your chance to win a Powder Pack February Edition!

• In World Group  Link:

Stay beautiful,
Powder Pack

Monday, 6 February 2017


Good morning, afternoon and or evening!

Today I am showing off something I found really neat by Zibska.

This designer always wow's me with her unique  and seemingly endless supply of creativity.
 When I opened the blogger box for an event called  " SCALA - My Bloody Valentine" Event I got really excited and started thinking on how I could photograph it. 

I decided to wander over and check this event out & It has lots of designers that I've just never stumbled across before.
* Just for that fact along it's worth you taking a peek.

The event is set in what looks to me like an old run down warehouse & Keeping that theme in mind I came up with the photo below.  In my mind it's a girl trapped in a raging inner battle, a messy one at that & Mina's new Ava-Lin hair @ FaMESHed worked perfectly for me with that vision.

Thank you Zibska & Mina for allowing my creative flow
All items have the landmarks embedded in them.
Happy Shopping


Thursday, 2 February 2017

Lazy Gal

Hey all!

Today I am feeling totally lazy *Gasp* How unlike me!  
I had a lot of fun with these photos So I am just sharing . Credits are all below them, Taxi's n all so please enjoy.

Kiss , Kiss, Bang
Break these chains


Monday, 30 January 2017

Blank Slate


I found this super cute outfit by Stockholm&Lima @ The Kinky Event the other day. I think it is totally Adorable  so I figured I would share it with you. 
My only wish would be that it be a bit more pastel pink & the pom poms were lighter as well but despite that I still love it, especially the bottom of these socks. Lil paw prints!

My hairs & Hair Bases are new out from Tableau Vivant. Especially made for Catwa. Honestly there is not enough good quality bases out there so tyvm Tableau Vivant! 

That's it for today, Happy Shopping!
Ember ♥

Pinky Girl Collage

Blank Slate


Saturday, 28 January 2017

Cut My Strings

So I have been wandering around Second Life as a dolly lately.

I have been bugging my friend to dress me up as she calls me " My Dolly." 
Only makes sense to me that she would dress me like one. 😍

So I was complaining about it around a bunch of friends and this beautiful person passed me some Gacha items from mignon.  

I tried them on and o.O I do look like a real dolly!
So thank you Kai & all the talented designers in SL who without you all, I would look like a noob 💘

I am so in love with every single aspect of this look. 
Hope you like it too.
Ember 💕

Dolly Collage

Cut my strings

  • Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ | Fleur | By MissAllSunday Lemon | @ Uber Jan 25 - Feb 23rd.
  • Mesh Head - Catwa | Dyana | By Catwa Clip.  
  • Skin Applier - Glam Affair |  Alexa | Artic 02 Catwa applier | By Aida Ewing | @ Kustom9 Jan 15 - Feb 10th.
  • Eyes - Aveline | Doll-L - Hazel | By Giggle Solo | Free on Marketplace.
  • Choker - mignon. | Victoria choker. Maitreya | By Amlru | Past Kawaii Project item
  • Dress - mignon. | Victoria dress. Maitreya | By Amlru | Past Kawaii Project item
  • Mesh Body - Maitreya | Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.
  • Polish - {ZOZ} | Celebration | By Zozicon | @ The Mesh Body Addicts Bi Monthly Event Jan 10 - 30th..
  • Shoes - mignon. | Victoria socks & shoes. Maitreya | By Amlru | Past Kawaii Project item
  • Key - [Ai] Technologies | Antique Doll Key | By Asami Imako.
  • Pose 1 - an lar [poses] | The Flutter Series | By Katya Valeska | @ SaNaRae Jan 26 - Feb 18th.
  • Pose 2 - Black Cats poses | Perfect marionette | By Dragonlila.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Gacha Guardians, Freebies and babbling

Ohhh, almost the end of the week! We can do this, hang in there!
RL has been crazy busy for me lately. I started this post yesterday and really wanted to get it done but well I had the pleasure of having my 2 yr old nephew over for a visit. It's funny, little boys are like mini Godzilla. If my house was not child proof before, it sure is now!

Anyway, this photo came about as I remembered seeing this sexy harness set in Wicca's Wardrobe Gacha machine over @ The Gacha Guardians this round.  This event runs till the 30th of Jan and if you join the Gimme Gacha Group (Touch the sign to join when you walk in) There are a ton of really good Free Gifts by almost each vendor!
Ember ♥